In 1995, the very early days of the internet, Robert Liles built a web site for his local parking lot striping and maintenance company. Soon after, he began getting email from other pavement contractors, as well as from property managers and property owners, with questions about parking lot striping and maintenance. In 2000, Robert started to provide a forum where stripers and others in the industry could post questions and answers. He added the Low Bidders photo gallery and Helpful Stuff, and began to grow to become the largest online parking lot striping resource. In 2002, we added The Store, selling stencils and tools for pavement marking. In 2009, we built a factory and began manufacturing stencils. Now we can ship stock and custom-made stencils quickly all over the world.

THE STORE: We specialize in making stencils for pavement marking: Handicap symbols for ADA parking, Arrows, word stencils like NO PARKING, Alphabet and Number Kits, Federal Specification arrows and legends, Game Court stencils, Warehouse floor marking, and anything else you can imagine. We make our stencils in our own factory and provide fast accurate service.

THE FORUM: Since 2000, The Forum has been THE place for people involved in parking lot striping and maintenance to gather and share knowledge and skills.