United States Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration regulations and state adoption of these standards can be found at the DoT FHWA MUTCD website. The FHWA's MUTCD Team has compiled information on which States have State MUTCDs or supplements, as shown on the map.

Color red reference Adoption of the national MUTCD  Adoption of the national MUTCD

Color blue reference Adoption of the national MUTCD along with a State supplement(s)  Adoption of the national MUTCD along with a State supplement(s)

Color green reference Adoption of a State MUTCD  Adoption of a State MUTCD 


To access the state information for your state of interest, go to fhwa.dot.gov/resources/state_info/index.htm. As an added convenience to MUTCD users, the FHWA MUTCD Team has also compiled information on the States' web sites where electronic documents related to traffic control devices can be accessed. These documents include State MUTCDs; State Supplements to the MUTCD; State policies and practices regarding traffic control devices; State sign/signal/markings manuals, drawings, and catalogs; and State standard drawings ("typicals") for traffic control devices.