A photo gallery of funny, amateurish, or just gawdafull pavement marking and traffic signs. I started it when my city awarded a big striping job to a company from out of town that was a lot lower on price than me. The job was at the local convention center, and their work was so bad, it was embarrassing. I took a couple of pictures and posted them. Since then, I have received pictures of bad work from all over the world. Email Robert if you can add to the collection.

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 Why do I have to buy 8 foot stencils:  these big letters are a piece of cake...................................

This is the parking lot at my local convention center. Job went to the low bidder.

SDStriper sent this. Why don't folks just lift up the lightpole base instead of getting overspray all over it?

SD Striper sent this in. The sealcoaters did a good job, but the striper screwed it up with overspray.

This is from Fonz. (Not him, a competitor)

A web classic.

This is another gov't job awarded to the low bidder. It's Lake Powell park.

JPanz sent this picture of a job someone else did.

Stencils should come with a sticker that say's "This Side Up"

The little sign says "fat is not a handicap"

Exit Right?