Pictures of good ideas and interesting tools sent in by members of the PLP Forum.  Click on the small picture to see it bigger, use your browser's BACK button to return.

Spraying a 24" stop bar in one pass using Technical Coatings "Cold Thermo" and a Graco LineLazer 200HS.

 This is my foreman, David, on a Segway HT at the Expo.
 This is Fonz's utility Cart 
 This is me on the LazyLiner and Rob painting stencil. I'm looking for my cup holder.
 They even have pavement marking in Pakistan. This is at the Dept. of Silly Walks.
 This is how Ken opens paint cans. It's his can punch.
 Painting the logo at Gillette Field
 This is Ken's Hoopymobile. A LazyLiner hooked up to a Billy Goat, with a Shindaiwa Power Broom attached.
 We were cleaning a lot when it started raining.
 This is the Mini Me. I forget who sent it to me, but several Forum regulars have built them. Attach your gun to the cart for painting between cars.
 Here's another mini me type machine. For painting lines in tight places.
 Wendy's road striper.
 Removing a red firelane line with our scarifier
 The Graco LineLazer 4 makes it's debut at the 2005 NPE.
 We had to do a lot of crosshatching against a building. With the LL4, we could extend the gun way out in front and still get a smooth line.
 I was at Lowe's and saw this: a hand made bumper curb!
 One of my kids found this in an old motorcycle magazine.