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From: straightline
Date: 12/21/00   1:09:58 AM
need some info on thermoplastic: what equipment do I need, how to do it, etc.


From: Don
Date: 12/21/00   9:40:54 AM
Depending on how much you need to do: Hot tape is great for smaller jobs (stop bars, arrows, handicaps, a few hundred feet of stripes) No equipment but a temp gun and a high output torch ($2-300). Just a sort of heat and stick thing. Hand liners are next starting at about $10,000 for a small one. They are huge, heavy, and much harder and more dangerous to use than stripers. Plus if you going to do any volume you'll need a pre-melter costing thousands more and have the dangerous extra step of transferring melted plastic from it to the machine at 475 degrees. Of course the striping head or shoe must stay hot all the time as must any plumbing. To go truck mount: way over the cost of paint trucks, plus an additional 18 wheel rig to carry the big 2 or 3 pre-melters and bags of materials to keep the thing supplied. With any of these someone has to monitor the handliner, machine and/or pre-melter constantly during heating and use, until shutdown to maintain temperatures and for safety purposes. I am sure you can see the maintenance requirements for any machine method are way beyond striping too. Actual application methods can be very difficult too. For example to do an arrow with a handliner you draw the outline on the pavement and apply the thermo by going across it with pieces of lines the width of the shoe.


From: ken
Date: 12/21/00   12:31:49 PM
I put down some hand torched thermo for a new left turn lane for a new Racetrac convenience store in the City of Dallas. The city inspector turned it down because the (at that time) only accepted a product manufactured by 3M. It goes down cold with a special glue that melts and bonds the plastic to the surface. The product name is "3 M Diamond Back" It is easy to put down but you have to buy it in large quantities ie 2-3000ft rolls.


From: straightline
Date: 12/24/00   1:55:02 PM
From: Don
Date: 12/27/00   8:53:31 AM
Just as a note... we've put down lots of HotTape. It's what TxDot spec's and once you get the hang of it it's 1 step and easy to use. It's also available in small quantities. The glue down stuff is probably good but it sounds like a lot of hassle putting down the glue and all and I don't know how it could "melt" the plastic without damaging asphalt. Most Racetrac stores I've seen are concrete. Is it supposed to work better on concrete Ken?


Price For Thermo?

From: Thom4th
Date: 2/19/00   10:53:29 PM
Anyone out there know the price of thermo in your area? Even an idea of how much to charge per foot for 4" line would help.


From: MI Striper
Date: 2/20/00   10:59:35 AM
Is the thermo pre-formed or applied hot in a liquid form? You might want to look up construction costs in or you can find out who provides this service in your area and call them. A good source of information in from the city or state. I've found most public works directors of state inspectors are very helpful when it comes to price information (at least in Michigan). Just drive around and find a city or state road/parking lot that has thermo on it then contact the appropriate agency about price. I've found talking in person is better than the telephone for this sort of thing.

Good Luck, Mike


From: okie
Date: 2/22/00   1:20:36 PM
Long line thermo is purchased by the DOT in Oklahoma, installed for about( 0.14 $/ft sprayed, thin line extruded 0.21 $/ft, full thickness extruded 0.33 $/ft.) And white, 125 mil, 4 inch by 3 foot, 60 foot per package goes for around $31 per package.