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Basketball court

From: jpanz
Date: 8/14/00 9:45:28 PM
Does anyone have the layout for a half court that you can e-mail me with?

Thanks Jim


Date: 8/14/00 10:09:23 PM
We got our court dimensions from They have a few sport court layouts.


From: Randy
Date: 8/15/00 8:43:29 AM
Try going to the NBA web site. It seems that I got dimensions from their site last year when I had to paint 4 of them at a School


Basketball Court

From: RP [email protected]
Date: 9/8/00 9:58:48 AM
Striped everything from parking lots to warehouses finally got cornered into doing a basketball court, a contractor sealed it and could not stripe it. What do I need to do the job. Your input and experience is greatly appreciated.


From: Robert Liles
Date: 9/10/00 7:18:27 AM
We do a lot of basketball courts. On concrete or other smooth surfaces, we use a line taping machine. This makes it easy to mask the straight lines and curves. Sometimes we do courts on asphalt using just our airless machine with a small tip.


Football Field

From: LazerLiner
Date: 9/8/00 10:22:54 AM
We are about to stripe and stencil our first football field. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? The grass is new sod, so we don't expect too many ruts. The school purchased 6' stencils and arrows for the field. What is the best way to "tackle" this one??? Thanks


From: Fonz
Date: 9/9/00 1:20:42 AM
I did a practice field 4 weeks didn't have to be perfect, but I tried my best to make it that way. #1 get a book with the correct layout dimensions. The field is 160 feet by 320 yards. 160feet, not 50 yards. Your layout should include hatch marks which I believe are 53feet 4 inches from the sides....#2 Use an athletic field paint. Sherwin Williams has one. You may open yourself up to law suits otherwise. Players could ingest the paint. #3 IT HAS TO BE PERFECTLY SQUARE...good luck, Fonz


From: Don
Date: 9/9/00 11:29:24 AM
This is one place where compressed air machines do a lot better job because their low pressure lets the paint fall on the grass. Airless machines like most of us use can blow the paint right off the grass into the dirt. You may want to experiment a little to find the combination of lower pressures and different tip sizes for best results with an airless. We did a couple of fields a few years ago and it took us some trial & error there. I also hope you've got a self propelled or a strong back, you'll need it. (One of the main reasons we quit doing them)


From:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date: 9/12/00 12:26:08 PM
Fonz is right. First, get the correct layout. If the goal post are in, or at least have position holes, that's where you begin (with your center-line). Otherwise, you can use the running track, if they have one, to begin by finding the points at which the radiuses break and measuring back to find the center of the known universe. Do this on both sides, string across, and you'll have your 50 yard line. Do your layout for all your painted lines by pulling in string lines and marking on top with a spray can. The don't expect the lines to be perfect, but they do like them as straight as is reasonably possible. Prepare the legs for a work-out pushing in grass. ;-) When your ready to drop in the numbers and hash marks (yard markers), string a line down the length of the field, tight and super straight, at the proper measurement that will allow you to place the edge of the stencils along that string. As for paint, Fonz is correct again - Non-toxic. But, one practice that is widely used is to mix weed killer into the paint (grass goes away, lines remain). I'm not a big fan of dumping 5 gallons of Round-Up on the ground, but like I said, a lot of facilities do it. Hope this helps. Lemme know if you have any more questions.


From: Robert
Date: 10/7/00 6:55:15 PM
I have done several football fields on parking lots for high school bands to practice on this year and I just got something I should have had all along. The hash mark stencils. I now have two of the Pavement Tools Co. dash mark kits (S-6070M) and they save a lot of time. Now we only have to mark every 15 feet and then just lay down and spray the stencil for the hash marks. It aligns with the 5 yard marks and is a lot easier than pushing and pulling the striping machine for all those 1 foot long lines. Here's a plug - I can sell them at 15% off contractor prices. E-mail me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Tape Machine

From: Dennis
Date: 5/23/00 10:50:31 AM
We are just starting with the taping. We are looking to buy a machine but I need to know what the tape costs and how much of it you need to do a full size tennis court. How Long does it take? where do I get the tape? etc...


From: Robert Liles
Date: 5/23/00 3:40:23 PM
Check out the Game Court page on this site - you'll see that regular 2" masking tape is used. We always use fresh tape from Sherwin willy, and not the cheapest tape. BTW - the Demo tape machine I advertised is sold, but we have new ones for $449.00. See the Discussion Group Welcome page for info.


From: City
Date: 5/24/00 11:57:25 AM

Where would I obtain Basketball and Tennis Court Specs for new layout? anyone?... anyone?...


From: Gazza
Date: 5/24/00 4:59:10 PM
We have painted in excess of 500 courts, in the last 3 years, 70 odd so far this year. We use 1 1/2" tape On average we use just under 8 rolls per court. For Tennis do all long lines first, and netball Tape a long line and a cross line saves the need for changing tape midway thru a line.


From: straight line
Date: 7/24/00 11:01:50 PM
if you have a new computer try the encyclopedia that came with it, think it's called Encarta or something


Tennis Courts

From: JR
Date: 10/12/00 2:41:28 AM
Got a Question for anyone who has re-painted a Tennis Court. What kinda paint do you use? Its a concrete court. How long does it take ? What is the going rate for a court? Robert Got any tape guns left?



From: Robert Liles
Date: 10/12/00 6:59:47 AM
What kind of surface did the court have? Some have a cushioned surface that should be re-coated with a similar product. Sealmaster is a source. For more info go to Others are simply painted or stained. We have painted lines on both. An acrylic paint is best for cushioned surfaces.. We have stained new concrete for tennis courts. Product such as H&R Concrete stain or Technical Coatings stain. And yes we have tape machines available for immediate shipment. E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Price? Couple hundred to stripe. Re-coating, depends.


Robert's nifty tape machine

From: Line-Tech (Iowa boy)
Date: 12/10/99 12:30:08 PM
Does anyone know where I can purchase a tape machine similar to the one in Robert's sport court section? I’ve checked all of my catalogs and cannot locate one. Is it something I can get locally? Thanks again, Matt


From: CW
Date: 12/10/99 1:58:24 PM
I use one that I bought from ww graingers. Its a lane marker but I also use masking tape with it. I bought it for a Sear's Automotive shop I had to stripe with vinyl tape. Robert's is better because I think you can use double rolls. Hurry Robert, we're both interested now!


From: Robert Liles
Date: 12/10/99 6:00:13 PM
If you can wait a little while, I should get some. I paid nearly $700 for mine about 6 years ago, but I am trying to get a much better price than that. And it does put down two strips of 2" tape so you can paint between them for a sharp line. We used it yesterday on a skating rink floor.

With it, two of us can layout and paint the markings on a full court basketball court including 3 point lines in about three hours.


Date: 12/11/99 7:46:34 AM
Robert, Is it adjustable for spacing, 2" line, 3" line, 4" line? Does it have an adjustable removable bar for laying out circles? Can more then one size of tape be used? Is it made out of aluminum or plastic?


From: Robert
Date: 12/11/99 10:02:49 AM
Mine is not adjustable for line width, It comes with a pivot and radius rods for up to 12' circles. I can't remember if 3 point line is a option. I made a pivot system out of 1/4" cable for making large circles and arcs. Mine has guides for 1" and 2" tape. The thing is made out of solid aluminum. I have never had to repair or replace any part.


From: JT
Date: 12/11/99 6:27:45 PM
Do you use electric pumps for warehouses, gyms, etc. or do you use aerosol sprayers. I haven't done any of this type of work.


From: Robert
Date: 12/12/99 8:30:36 AM
I have always used an airless sprayer with gasoline engine for interior marking. What with paint fumes and all, who's worried about a little CO?


From: gazza
Date: 12/14/99 3:28:23 AM
we operate a nifty tape machine identical to robert's to ensure that perfect edge. What we do have trouble with however is finding a suitable way of spraying water based acrylics without getting any spray drift. The use of alkyd or any solvent based paints is outlawed here because of the damage caused to asphalt after time. We have tried homemade spray guards but then get drips from the build up, and lowering the pressure results in tracking. any suggestions???


From: Robert
Date: 12/14/99 6:39:45 AM
We spray waterborne paint with no overspray past the 2" tape width. In fact, the only time I can remember getting any visible overspray was with black alkyd. Maybe you need to try another brand of paint. By the way, we like the new 1952D waterborne paints for parking lots, but we can also use chlorinated rubber alkyd on new asphalt with NO damage to the pavement. Don't state this "damage" myth as if it's a fact everywhere


Date: 12/14/99 8:28:08 PM
What brand of 1952D waterborne do you use??????


From: Robert Liles
Date: 12/14/99 8:50:09 PM
Sherwin-Willy. I would like to try others to see if they are similar, but haven't had the time...


Sport Taper

From: Sprayman110
Date: 10/31/00 3:12:24 PM
What is the secret? What kind of tape is best to use? It works on straight lines. Circles or radius work is a different story. The tape wants to curl up on the outside edge. Joe


From: Robert
Date: 10/31/00 9:54:15 PM
Some brands of tape are more flexible than others. But, if you need to tape short radii, try one inch tape, and then lay two inch around it by hand. Another thing that can cause the tape to curl is if there's something wrong with the surface that keeps it from bonding.


Another Football Field Question

From: LazerLiner
Date: 9/14/00 10:13:15 AM
Thanks for the tips on my first football field question. Does anyone have an estimate on how much paint (sw athletic field paint) it takes to do a football field with 6' stencils? The field is new sod with no paint on it yet...Thanks


From: Fonz
Date: 9/15/00 1:47:30 AM
About 7 gallons


the taper

From:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date: 9/29/00 11:16:14 AM
Robert, Bob from Manhattan Striping purchased one of your outstanding taping machines, and I had the privilege of using it for the first time the other day and I must give credit, where credit is due. The only thing is, does it come in a model that is about 12" taller for the more professional people that don't like to do a lot of bending?


From: Robert
Date: 9/29/00 4:56:39 PM
I wondered about the height of the thing, but after careful consideration, I think it's about right. You are bent over, but your weight is supported by your arms and transferred to the machine. So it's not like your back is in a bind. With this attitude, the machine is very stable, you can sight down the line better, and you seem to have better control of the machine.