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Post (u-channel) removal from asphalt

From: Stripin Mike
Date: 9/2/00 6:07:51 PM
What is the best device to remove U-channel sign posts from solid ground and asphalt? Possibly a jacking device? If so, where would I purchase one?


From: jpanz
Date: 9/2/00 10:26:18 PM
Here is how I remove posts. You have to build it first. Buy an 8ft 4x4 post. Cut off 2 ft and secure it like a tee onto the 6ft piece. Get a 1/8 x 2"x 6" piece of steel plate. Drill a 1 1/4" hole in one end and a 1/2"hole in the other end. Bend the piece of metal so the larger hole is at an angle around 30 degrees. Attach the plate to the top of the 4x4 with a bolt, do not use a lag screw you will pull it out. Now you are done building. Now you need a good come-a-long, attach the none moving hook to the metal plate. You need one more metal plate the same size and with the larger hole, but this time drill a 5/16" hole in the other side. Hook the plate onto the come-a-long and insert a HARDEND BOLT through the plate then into the channel. If you use a regular bolt you will sheer it off. Place the bottom of the 4x4 tee about 6 inches away from the post and start cranking on the come-a-long. Be careful to place the 4x4 so it has a good resting point on the steel channel. A couple of good cranks and it will come right out. If it has a concrete base on it, just move the bottom of the 4x4 father away from the base. I have a 2 ton come-a-long and it works great. To make this it will cost you about 50.00 and you can get everything from Home Depot or Lowes. I have pulled about 100 posts with mine and it still works great. I will take pictures if you want to see it.



From: City
Date: 9/2/00 10:43:54 PM
SA-SO has them for 100 to 145 bucks if you don't feel like playing Yankee Workshop. 800 527 2450. I would spring for the extra fifty and get the 3000 lbs. of pulling force. its item number is 03v323t called the Yankease 3000. the 1500 series is only $100.00


From: P.S. 
Date: 9/2/00 10:46:47 PM
better yet, I just found out that Peachtree has the 1500 for 96 bucks and free shipping!! 800 241 4623 item# hpe-15


From: jpanz
Date: 9/3/00 9:54:32 PM
I will put mine puller up against anyone of the store bought. Just remember to bring a bag for your nuts as your leaning against those pullers and they slip. I have used them and was not impressed at all. Jim


From: ken
Date: 9/3/00 1:21:55 AM
Here's the way power companies pull power poles. It would work in your case just the same albeit on a smaller scale.. Take a looped nylon belt a.k.a. sling. Put it around the base of the post and back thru itself forming a self tightening slip knot. Use any kind of hydraulic jack on the loose end of the sling.


From: Don
Date: 9/3/00 7:50:19 AM
The has-everything almost-Northern Tool's T-post puller is $34.95. Compare the spec's to see if it's heavy duty enough to do what you need...


From: Randy
Date: 9/3/00 9:25:25 AM
We use what is called a "farmers jack" it is very tall (48"?) and with a bolt and chain, you can pull almost anything you want out of the ground. It has a LOT of force and will probably even pull the concrete bases out if you can get the right angle on it. Again, check Northern Hydraulics or Harbor Freight Tools, they cost under 50 bucks.