The Americans with Disabilities Act affects most businesses, as well as churches, schools, and governmental offices. Parking lot pros should understand the law and how it affects their customers.


For the latest information on handicap parking and the law: Department of Justice parking lot striping page. (Text version).

For the Adobe Acrobat version with illustrations click here.

For the DOJ's A.D.A. home page click here.

For info on Texas ADA requirements - click on this link: TEXAS ACCESSIBILITY STANDARDS (TAS)

For the Adobe Acrobat version with illustrations click here.

Tax Incentives are available for businesses that make A.D.A. improvements

Here's the standard way to designate accessible parking.
The symbol is a PTM stencil stock number S-3039, 39 inches high on a 4'X4' blue square.  
Both the stencil and the sign area vailable here at Parking Lot Planet at the Store.