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Then put these pictures on your web site, so if you are talking to a customer on the phone, or sending and email, you can lead them to the page with a picture of whatever you are trying to explain.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.  A picture can explain things better than I can.  Pictures on a web site can make it easier for you to help your customer get what he wants and needs. 
I also load these pictures on my iPhone.  I can whip it out and with a few pokes and swipes, show someone what I am talking about.  Any cell phone with a camera can save pictures and pull them up when needed. 
I carry a digital camera in my truck because the camera in the iPhone isn't that great, but the phone camera has helped me on several occasions. I have been able to take a picture of something and email or attach to a text message and send to a contractor or employee.  If you have a camera phone, take the time to learn how to do this before you need to. It can save a lot of time and a thousand words.
Oh yes, I have pictures of my grandkids on my phone too, but I try to resist the impulse to show them to my customers (unless they ask).